Thursday, July 05, 2007

Uncle Jon

This man has a very comfortable shoulder for leaning on when you're feeling very sleepy during the sermon at church. Just saying, you know, in case anyone ever needed to know. Wouldn't be because I'd fallen asleep on it or anything.

Will put more weddingpics up soon. But maybe not until the weekend. Tomorrow I'm going straight from work to drive down to Exeter with HP. We have to go pick up all her stuff from her uni house.


steve said...

I will bear that piece of information in mind just in case I get sleepy when I am around him hehe. Hope you have/had a safe trip to Exeter and are not too sleepy from going straight from work.

the word verification is 'hpyvh'
to which I natuarally thought
'HP, why vehicles?'
and so the question stands

Missy said...

Debs, have a great time at the conference! I'm off to Texas in a few days, so I won't be around the blogosphere much.