Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thought in passing

Does anyone else talk to the food they are cooking. I just went to check on the chops and turn them over. As I took off the lid I said to them "come on then, lets be havin' you". Then as I turned them over I was looking at them and saying "Nice, nice, I like it" (In that east London, Eastenders-y sort of way).
Doesn't everyone do that sort of thing?


Pig wot flies said...

Not sure if I do it to food, but most other things. Especially photocopiers or computers that aren't behaving.

bigfinecat said...

No, I can safely say, I don't tlak to my fodd whilst I'm cooking it. And I thought I was wierd!!

Debs said...

Yay, bigfinecat :-)
Owning up to talking to my food was worth it if it meant I got to you commnet!
Think you need to practice your typing skills a little bit though!

Debs said...

And so do I! 'Got you to comment' was what I meant.