Sunday, April 22, 2007

Were London Basil still alive, he might have gone to visit his cousin Exeter Basil

When I went to get HP from Exeter before Easter I had the pleasure of meeting Basil's cousin Basil. Unfortunately Exeter Basil had not been able to afford the train fare in order to make it to London Basil's funeral, but he passed on his regards to his family when he met them (that's me btw).

News just in: It appears that Exeter Basil has disappeared. At this moment it remains unclear whether he too has passed away, or merely passed on to pastures new. We will of course pass on any news of him as soon as we hear it. In the meantime, we shall return to our normal broadcasting schedule.


HP said...

Exeter basil is sorely missed. I couldnt use him to flavour our tomato mush and i almost cried :(

Kathleen said...

disappeared? How does a Basil just vanish? He must be hiding - probably to avoid being used in a tomato mush!