Saturday, April 21, 2007

Learning your ABCs

A couple of months ago Little One's Mum got some flashcards to begin to use with him. He's not yet two so they weren't meant to be a big deal, just another way of presenting words and pictures to him in a fun way. He'd also recently discovered books in a big way and loves to sit up on the sofa next to you listening to stories and opening the flaps.

He's at the stage where everything he sees is exciting and needs to be commented on. If you take him out he spots 'dars' 'fans' 'scooops' (cars, vans, Scoop - meaning a lorry or something similar, as seen in Bob the Builder!) He says "sky" and looks up whenever he hears the sound of a plane or helicopter - which makes you realise just how many planes do go over his house!

And he just loves his flashcards. He knows loads of them now, as soon as you hold up the key or the man or the volcano or... he gets all excited and shouts out the word. One of his favourite games is to drop them in a pile on the floor\sofa\window sill and pick out his favouites, "cano (volcano), whoosh (with hand actions too!)" or "geeys (keys)" or best of all "ducK" with a big emphasis on the 'ck' sound at the end.


HP said...

wow he talks so much.exciting!

The King and I said...

I went round to see Little One and family yesterday. We had a little walk to the end of the road before his bedtime and he said all those words. And yes there are many planes that go over the house. So lovely is he. Cu Weds. La La xx