Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's my life - the update

Ok, so some things have changed in my life, and I've never quite got round to blogging about them. No, before you ask, I haven't got married or pregnant!
Last October when I started looking after the little one it was on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, but once his Mum went on maternity leave I changed to only having him on a Tuesday, and started looking after the two sons of another family from church on a Wednesday. That means I've got about 2 months worth of photos and stories that I haven't ever got round to blogging about, because I never seemed to have time to write an introduction to explain who they are.

Little one's nickname was easy to make up once I decided I didn't want to refer to him by his name, but it wasn't so easy to come up with identities for these two boys. Maybe I've just run out of good ideas for nicknames. Anyway, rather than wait any longer to introduce them to you, I'll just use an initial letter for each, and if I come up with nicknames in the future I'll make sure I make it clear which is which.
B is five years old, and during school terms I look after him before and after school. J is 1 and I have him all day. This holiday I agreed to look after both boys all day for two days each week. I had them last Wednesday and Thursday, and I've got them tomorrow and Thursday this week as well. I think HP might come somewhere on an outing with us this week. I've thought about going up to central London to a musuem, but I think I might be feeling a bit tired to want to take them on the tube, even with HP to help me. We shall see...

Anyway, here are J and B. I love this picture I took of J, it just captures him brilliantly. The one of B was from last Wednesday when we made Easter nests in the afternoon while J napped.


Kathleen said...

Ha! J is so cute, and B is also a good looking boy, but I have to say, he looks less than thrilled at mixing that chocolate!

Debs said...

I think it was the concentration. He was actually really enjoying it. Or maybe it was just me making him stir it rather than eat it!

Helibear said...

lol. they're both very cute.