Friday, April 20, 2007

Here's to new batteries

This photo was taken a few months ago, when the batteries in the 'cookie jar' were still alive. Oh, how that song sticks in your brain. I think I can recite most of the words and songs that Little One's toys produce. And yet I did miss the cookie jar song once the batteries ran out. I would find myself humming it or singing it to myself, sometimes at totally inappropriate moments.

This week when I went to Little One's house on Tuesday I discovered to my delight that the cookie jar has new batteries. Once again I can sing along to the tune, not just on my own. Life makes sense again (or something).

I'm going to post this post now, since I seem to have got so bad at posting lately, and if I actually write a post it seems sensible to put it up on the blog. However, it is gone 11pm and what I have written may not actually be as amusing or make as much sense in the morning as it does to me now. And for that I apologise. Perhaps I'll make changes in the morning when I feel more awake. Now, to bed.


HP said...

Ahh you sound tired. Hope you slept well.

Helibear said...

We had one of those I think when my cousin was little. Does it have a mode where it tells you what shape hole you used? And does it say "Heart. I love you!" ?
Don't remember the specific song of which you speak though.