Friday, September 15, 2006

Last Friday

Reading Kathleen's blog just now (the bit about the indoor playground place rather than the bit about her husband's hair) reminded me of the fantastic time I had last week with Joel, and how I'd threatened to post about it. However, HP is shouting at me to come and do some drying up, so it will have to be a short one. Best just put on the photos and leave it at that. Um, this is me at the top of the very high and steep slide that I made Joel go down with me (it was too scary to go on my own) and also Joel in the ball pool at the bottom of the slide. It was a fantastic day. To any of my friends with kids reading this I will happily volunteer to take your kids there for you.

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Kathleen said...

These are great photos!
The last time NIck went into one of those bubble ball bins he buried himself completely and my husband went nuts trying to find him.