Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's my (quieter) life

Last week I spent lots of time visiting\looking after various children, this week I'm back at home and attempting to do some cleaning and sorting of all those bits that don't get done when life is really busy. Unfortunately it's also got really hot again here in London, and when it's like this my first thought in the day isn't exactly "now lets get out the vacuum cleaner and whiz round the whole house".

So I've kind of pottered slowly at things, in the meantime am keeping an eye on e-bay and the items I'm selling that end today. It does seem to be slightly more interesting than last time around - this time there were actually some bids made before we got to the last day. It's strange though, some things that you'd think would sell really well have had no interest, and others have had lots of people 'watching' (who will hopefully keep bidding as well!)

Right, I need to stop sitting in front of the computer and actually do something useful. I'll probably be back later though...

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