Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's not fun being ill

I'm at home in London. My mummy came and rescued me from Cambridge last night as I was feeling so poorly. I'm still feeling ill, but at least I'm at home and in a warm house. (my house back up the M11 is not renowned for its warmness).

My car is still in the garage. I asked them give it a look over to see if it has any chance of passing its MOT which has to be done in the next month.
And the news is not good I'm afraid - in fact, too many things need doing for me to list them all here... so it looks like it's time for hunt a new car now. I say 'new' but what I actually mean is new to me.

I'm having confusion over its and it's. I know that 'it is' = it's, but I'm confused over the whole 'belonging to it' business. Perhaps when I feel better it'll all come back to me. Also, I'm very good at composing sentences in my head and then realising I don't know how to spell the words. (for example, in this blog I couldn't remember how to spell 'renowned', and had to check. Not convinced I've got it right now though).

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