Tuesday, January 17, 2006

bloging more

I've been asked to blog more, so I'm trying. It's just that my life never sems that exciting. But I'll just have to bore you if you insist...
Today I went on a course for teaching assistants working with EAL children (children with English as an additional language). It was quite interesting and encouraging too - I think I'm doing the right sort of things with the child I'm working with, so that's good!

This afternoon I got to meet my doctor for the first time. That means he can now start prescribing all the medicines I need to take. I get to go and pick them up tomorrow. It's my first experience of a village doctor's surgery and it's quite strange. You don't have to take the script to a pharmacy because they just do it all in the same place. Ok, for some people that may not be all that strange, but for someone that's always lived in big cities up till now it is a big deal.

This evening we discovered that the drain outside (that our kitchen sink drains into) was getting blocked up, and our neighbours had seen a rat eating the bits in there. So we had the dubious pleasure of clearing it out. We've also decided to try to get a plughole sieve thing to stop food getting down the drain. So if anyone knows where to get one please let me know :-)

Finally a belated happy birthday to S for last Sunday. Just thought she might like to see herself mentioned in print! (not sure if this counts as print, but I know what I mean)


Pig wot flies said...

Yuck! I suppose Ralph's a bit too old to chase rats. Good luck with the drain clearing. I think we could do with a sink trap of some sort too, so if you find one, let me know.

Debs said...

For anyone reading this and being confused, Ralph is a dog, and he belongs to our nextdoor neighbours!