Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's Thursday today

Or so I've finally realised. I spent most of the morning convinced it was Wednesday. Probably partly down to the school term starting on a Wednesday - I'm working as a classroom assistant in a primary school at the moment.

I've been going to write my next blog for days, but never quite known what I want to say. But today I decided I'd better just write - It's my life after all.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow. Somehow I forget how tired you can get working in a school, and it's handy to have a shorter week to ease in gradually. On Saturday I'm helping Bekki (my big sister) make her official move to Cambridge. She's been living with me for a few days, but can move into her house this weekend. And HP (my little sister) is back off to uni, so there'll be lots of mad packing gonig on. But by Monday everything should be back to normal.

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Elly said...

What's normal I wonder. Yes it will be a busy weekend I expect.