Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeling like I live in some sort of cartoon

We popped to my parents house to check on things while they were away on holiday the other day and I needed to pick all the tomatoes off their plant because a cold front was moving in and we knew they wouldn't be doing any more ripening on the plant.

I had Sophia and Jaiden with me, so I went out the back door, leaving Soph and JJ to watch me through the glass back door. I was picking away and while I did Sophia managed to slip outside to help me pick. I didn't think anything of it cos JJ was still inside, until it came to us going back inside...

Jaiden loves to play with Nana's brooms, which are usually stacked next to the back door. I'd deliberately moved them away from the door cos I didn't want him blocking us out with a broom in the way. However I obviously hadn't moved them far enough away....

Because sure enough, he'd somehow jammed a broom between the back door and a box that sits at the end of the kitchen. I was able to push the door open a couple of inches, but no more. Soph and I were trapped outside, with no phone, no keys, and no one to help!

I did my best not to panic and after uttering a "help me God" prayer, I set to jiggling the door back and forth to try to get the broom to move lower. Luckily it was jammed with the broom bristles at our end, and even better, the door doesn't go right down to the ground, but is slightly raised. I managed to jiggle the broom down to the ground and then shove the door to force to against the bristles and open. Thank God!

I found my phone and called my mum, trying not to laugh too much about what might have been!

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