Thursday, November 01, 2012

Being a mummy is hard work

I'm a stay at home mum. I assume most of my readers know that, but just in case they didn't.

Right now I'm shattered. We have finally got Jaiden pretty good at sleeping, but my body doesn't seem to have caught up. Add to that a couple of weeks of being ill - stomach bug followed up with flu-y cold, and it feels like I'm wading through jelly.

Jelly. Must remember to make jelly with Sophia tomorrow. Since I told her we would, she's unlikely to forget, but it would be good if I could plan it in rather than trying to do it at the last moment while trying to juggle six million other things.

I'm tired, I keep eating silly things instead of the healthy stuff I ought to be. I know that there's most likely a connection between energy levels and what I eat, so I'm trying to do better.

But mostly, I just feel like I need to say that being a mummy is hard.

It's amazing too, but today, it's hard. I'm off to bed soon (just after 7pm!) and I'm sure tomorrow will be better. Goodnight all


Pigwotflies said...

Bug huggles!
You're doing a very good job you know.

Kellie said...

It is very hard...and just wait till they are teenagers!!

Kathleen said...

I know you wrote this days ago and I'm late to comment, but I just had to say that, yes, it is very, very hard work. It's tiring and frustrating and some days there is no way to fit it all in or to do it all right. But you know this and accept it, and you are still a good parent. You cherish the moments you have with your children, and you do what you can for them. I know this just from reading your posts! Just remember to take some care for yourself, so you don't burn out!