Friday, October 26, 2012

Wear your cape with pride

This is a word of encouragement for mums, inspired by a friend's facebook status about her son wearing his superhero cape, and then she went on to say she was off to do some cleaning, and I asked if that would be while wearing a cape?!

Hey mum, yes you, the one over there feeling frazzled. You are a hero. You run your home despite a million adversities, you take care of your kids come rain or shine, sickness or health, you cook, you clean, you do a million and one things and yet there's no company award or pay bonus for doing what you do.

But you know what? You're a super hero. You are!

So go ahead, wear your cape with pride, knowing that you're the best woman for the job.

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Kathleen said...

Love, love, love...