Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today's been pretty productive. I was inspired by 31 days to clean - Having a Martha house, the Mary way's September challenge to get started in my kitchen (although I actually haven't done the challenge of cleaning out my fridge and freezer, but I have done lots of other things. I know it's not yet September, so it's ok, but I figured best to start while I'm motivated!)

Anyway, I've made an approximation of this pumpkin and sweetcorn risotto recipe, which I'm sure I've linked to before. Only this batch had butternut squash and carrot, and chickpeas instead of sweetcorn, and Red Leicester cheese instead of mozzarella. I've also assembled a potato and leek 'thing' (technical term there) which in a while will have warm milk poured over it, and be popped into the oven along with pork chops for dinner.

I did a mammoth batch of washing up, cut up and froze some apples and rhubarb from my in laws, picked up and tidied up the ground floor of the house, and also done various things online. Seems pretty productive to me :) Oh, and a second load of washing is in the machine too. Now I feel about ready to collapse in a heap. I reckon that'd be allowed though, don't you think?

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Lisa said...

I am looking forward to participating in the Martha and Mary challenge, as well! :-)

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