Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holiday fun

We've had a lovely week in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. Obviously it's been difficult hearing about events back home, but I think we've managed to relax and enjoy ourselves. The weather hasn't been great, but who says that a walk on the beach in high winds isn't as fun as going on the beach in the boiling hot sun?!

Sophia's discovered the enjoyment of ice creams and of throwing pebbles into the sea, not to mention picking up stones and pebbles to take home with her (we've tried to limit her, and I reckon the majority of the stones won't make it back to London!). She's also done a lot of walking, given that she's only 22 months. The only problem sometimes is convincing her she needs to have her hand held, or let us at least hold on to the reins. One of her favourite words has got to be "naughty", which she uses to express her dislike of us doing something like holding onto her reins!

Photos to follow once we're home.

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