Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pies all over the place

I made chicken pie this week too. Super simple, just a crust on top, not a base as well, like the fruit one had.

Inside I made a packet up powder chicken soup up with half the amount of liquid suggested in the instructions (that way you get a lovely thick sauce).

Meanwhile I sauteed some leeks and cut up some leftover roast chicken into small pieces. I mixed the chicken and leek into the soup sauce and heated through (my chicken was frozen).

I poured the mixture into my pie dish and popped the crust on top, cooked in a hot oven (about gas mark 7/22oC/??F!) for about 18 minutes. (I know that's precise, I'd have left it for twenty, but Soph had a melt down and needed some attention, so I took the pie out then, rather than leaving it in and letting it burn!)

Next up, once I've bought some sausagemeat, is sausage pie! Also, I have photos of the apple and blackberry pie somewhere on the computer, so I'll share them once I've found them!

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Kathleen said...

Chicken pie! What a great idea for leftover chicken! Why haven't I thought of that?