Thursday, August 18, 2011

I venture into making pie

I've never made pie by myself before. Probably partly to do with the fact that my dad is a celiac and has to have a gluten-free diet, hence eating pastry doesn't necessary come at the top of the priority list, even though we did made a lot of other stuff from scratch including cakes, bread and biscuits for him.

Anyway, I know other people make pies all the time, and I read a post on 'The Path to Frugality' which spurred me on to deciding it was time to conquer pies.

So today, I made pie. It was apple and blackberry. I think that ideally I would have had more pastry, as what I did have turned out a bit thin. I also have a feeling that filling will be a bit runny. And I'm not convinced that I cooked it quite long enough. But I made pie! All I have to do now is summon up the courage to cut into it and eat some!

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