Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know I've mentioned it before, but I really want to tell you again about swagbucks. Feel free to ignore me, but I think you'd be missing out!

First off I'll start by saying that if you follow any of the links to swagbucks in this post you would be following a referral link, and I would benefit because I would earn the same points that you earn by searching the web, up to a limit of 1000. Anyway, having got that out the way, let me begin...

I love swagbucks :) I'm by no means an avid do all the stuff that's available on the site type of swagger, but what I do try to do is get on every day and search the web using the swag toolbar or from the swagbucks main site. I use the search tool instead of using another search engine like google or yahoo, and I also tend to type into it the names of sites I use all the time, like facebook, rather than just follow a bookmarked link.

By no means will you earn swagbucks for every search that you do, but I find that going online a couple of times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, I will generally earn swagbucks on a least one search every session. Sometimes it's more and sometimes the bucks are elusive, that that's a good general rule to go by!

I also complete the daily poll every day, look at trusted surveys and click through the NOSO (no obligation special offers) every day. Each of these things earns me one (or two for the NOSO) buck, as will having the swagbucks toolbar installed. Little things that earn me five bucks a day, go on every day for a week and that's 35. It all adds up!

So what can I do with my swagbucks? I save mine up and when I have 849 I exchange them for a £5 amazon gift card. Now yes, that does sound a lot, and at the start it'll probably take a month maybe more to earn that many. But I still think it's worthwhile. Once you get your amazon gift code you can apply it to your amazon account and have it sitting there ready for when you want to spend it. Since we have a new arrival coming in early December I'm aware that online shopping will probably be the way to go this Christmas. Consequently I've made the decision to save all my amazon money for Christmas shopping. I've got about £25 sat there already, and hope to have a bit more by the time I'm ready to spend it.

For the UK swagbuck user it seems to me that the best use of swagbucks is to redeem them for amazon gift cards. If you're in the USA or Canada there are options for gift cards at a number of different stores, though I've still noticed that a lot of bloggers talk about using them for amazon cards.

I had some other things to say, but this post is pretty long already. Basically, I think what I'm trying to say is that if you're the type of person that's fairly happy on the computer and uses it on a fairly regular basis, then it's very easy to fit swagbucks into your life. If my mum can do it then I'm sure you can too! Obviously, if you use one of my links, I will benefit, but that's not the main reason I'm telling you about them. Mostly it's just cos I know we could all do with a bit of 'free' money right now, and the chance to start saving up for something like Christmas expenses now seems too good to pass up!

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