Thursday, July 21, 2011

Status update

I was told the other day that I ought to have a blog. "That's handy", I said, because I do have one! The conversation referred to my crazy facebook status reports, so for those of you not on facebook, or who don't have the delight of being my friend, here are a few that offer an insight into my life, or my brain, or something...

"Someone remind me to buy heartburn stuff, cos little bean is having a field day with my insides

"Prayers please-being overweight, pregnant and having a toddler is not being kind to my lower back,and I'm not totally sure what to do about it

"Our little Houdini keeps taking off her sleeping bag. Think it's time for another solution to the sleep cover issue"

""Knuckle mikle?" (let's snuggle in bed and have some milk mummy?)"

"Imagine if we all got undressed and hung our trousers outside the front door when we got home like the tombliboos do"

"Sophia is watching Finding Nemo with daddy and nan. She was totally hooked "fishies! water!""

"Little bean is kicking like crazy this afternoon"

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