Monday, July 18, 2011

Big sister to be/Mum in the making

Dear Sophia,

I love watching you play with your dolly or your teddy bears (known as 'bear' and not 'teddy' in case anyone was wondering). You carry bear around on your hip, in the position well known by all mummies.

The care and attention you show them is beautiful. You carefully tuck them into bed "sleep!" "night night!". And for at least half a second you lie peacefully next to them, before jumping up to fetch something or read a book or rearrange bear's blanket. That is a pattern I remember well from when you were tiny and I only had a limited amount of time while you slept to feed myself or wee or even take a nap myself.

I know that you will be a fantastic helper with changing little bean's nappies. You may run away or shout "no!" when faced with the prospect of having your nappy changed, but given the opportunity to change bear's nappy and you'll jump at the chance. The other night I watched you carefully wiping bear's bottom with the sock puppet Danielle made with you/for you at teeny tots ages ago. Then you arranged it like a nappy, before starting all over again. You were chatting away to bear, saying over and over "am'appy" (I'm happy). And you were, ever so ever so happy.

I think the least said about the sudocrem incident the other day the better. However, I know you were just trying to stop bear feeling "sore".

You're also great at entertaining your babies. Many a time I've found you snuggled up together as you read them stories and point out interesting pictures, especially in the 'Pakka' books. I think bear likes them as much as you do.

I can't wait for little bean to arrive and to see the two of you growing up together. I know that you're going to be a fantastic big sister, and maybe one day you'll be a mummy too.

love Mummy


Pigwotflies said...

So sweet! :-*

Pigwotflies said...

Does Danielle know her sock puppet gets used as a nappy?