Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life is too busy

it's leaving me behind.

Just feels like one of those weeks where everything is happening all at once, and I'm too tired to deal with it all! Don't mis-understand me, I'm fine (well, apart from the cough and all that) and I'm still really happy, but my days are starting too early and ending too late and have too much going on in the middle. And I just need some time out from it all to sleep. Or chill out with my man, or something.
And I guess I can't complain, cos we did go out for a drink on Monday and out to dinner last night. But it's just fun! Spending time getting to know one another better, and just chilling out.

People keep demanding to know more (you should see the messages I got on facebook when I changed my profile to say I'm 'in a relationship') and want to see pictures. And maybe you will soon, but I'm just enjoying being a little mysterious in the meantime!

I've promised HP that I'll upload the pics from the weekend tomorrow morning, so I'll try to put some on here too. But I'm not promising anything. Oh, and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow about the fact that I STILL have my cough despite all the medicines I've been on.


The King and I said...

Hey you....welcome to the world of relationship tiredness....don't let anyone pressure you into telling them anything....(inc me)...just remain mysterious, coz then you will be able to get settled in your new status. Its fab, and to be enjoyed and not pressured. You go girl ;)

Anita said...

I agree, don't let anyone pressure you into to telling any more than you want to tell. Enjoy the moment.

Hope you get a good rest this weekend!