Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blogging in the dark

Well, you see. I was going to blog earlier, but I got distracted writing comments and a post over at OWOA. And then it was time for CSI, and it was a new series, so needed my full attention. Then I was downstairs on HP's computer, but it was having network problems. So I had to come upstairs to the computer in my Parent's room, but my Dad's just gone to bed, so the light is off, so I'm blogging in the dark.

So I won't try to write anything profound. (Do i ever?) I'll just tell you that I went back to the doctors on Monday and they gave me some stronger antibiotics and a course of oral steroids. I'm taking them and hoping for the best. This week I am child minding every day. I've had Little One and Little Flower yesterday and today, and Wednesday - Friday I'm looking after R and D (the children of a family from church). At some point I also need to look at my stuff and plan kids work for Sunday. If I don't collapse in a big heap at the end of it all, then it'll be a miracle. (I'm not planning to get any treadmill time in this week. Partly because my body is still recovering, and partly because Wed-Fri are going to be really long days. On Wednesday and Friday I start at 9am and will be looking after them until around 6.30pm\7pm. On Thursday I'm starting at 7.20am! Hmm, think I need to go to bed RIGHT NOW!

Will try to be back soon - I've been composing all sorts of posts in my head, it's just finding time and energy to write them. Ok, I've annoyed my Dad enough with the sound of typing. I'll see y'all again soon, I hope.


Kathleen said...

I hope the new meds work. Because if there is anything worse that being sick and feeling sick, it's being and feeling sick and having to take care of children... who are too young to understand how sick you feel.

Barbara said...

hi! Debs
Nice to meet you.There seem to be very few bloggers in the UK compared with the US. I have made many blogging friends in the US and around the world but just a few over here. One I have met, that is Lindsey who is meeting with Jeana.
I was actually born in Liverpool but have lived in Romford since 1965 and before that lived in West Londond and Hampstead.
I just browsed through your posts. You seem to really be troubled with throat and ear trouble.
I have read the Poisonwood Bible. I found it very interesting.
Bye for now.