Sunday, April 13, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

I have no idea what that line actually means, when you take it in the context of the song. But it's stuck in my head, and I do like to share when that happens!

Today I have...

Eaten veggie curry, veggie curry, and more veggie curry.

Been complimented several times on my weight loss by people at church. This was my favourite. (SPUNK stands for SPontaneous UNexpected Kompliment).

Read a few blogs.

Tidied some stuff in the back room (and put away the Christmas cards that were still around after my family failed to send any, other than to extended family, last Christmas, because I wasn't around to organise them!)

Chilled out, and attempted to solve the jumbo crossword from Saturday's Times with HP.

Wished Steve a very Happy Birthday.

Took this picture of myself (as well as some pics of stuff to go on e-bay). I have no idea what's going on with my hair, or appearance generally, but I like how thin it made my neck look!


Mrs Wibbs said...

you look DDG ;-)
(if you can guess what that stands for, the compliment's on me)
Thanks for your comments on my blog tonight, I needed that. xx

Debs said...

Thanks ;-)