Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sunday sunshine remembered

(This post was written last Tuesday and saved as a draft, talking about last Sunday, and although I never got round to actually putting it up on my blog till today (Sunday 11th June) it still gets filed under Tuesday's posts, so hope that isn't too confusing.)

On Sunday I went to Girton college (one of the Cambridge colleges) for the very first time. I’ve been past it, but never actually inside the grounds. I was invited to a picnic there by Imogen and her boyfriend (who is studying there at the moment). It was a really lovely afternoon, despite managing to lose the Cambridge ring road on my way there from church (I wasn’t lost, I just refused to let myself turn round. I knew where I was, it just wasn’t ideal for getting to Girton!).

We sat and ate our picnic by a pond in the grounds, and had the treat of watching the ducks, hundreds of fish, and even a terrapin (think that’s spelt right – one of those things that look a bit like a turtle or something). After lunch we had a walk down the road towards Girton village and beyond. It was a beautiful day, and only rained a bit in the evening.

I’m enjoying having my own car again and the freedom to get around as I need to, and especially being back in GC, although I miss the broadband connection to the internet!

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