Friday, June 02, 2006

purple purple purple

This is my new car. It's a micra, it's purple, what more can you say.
And, the tax disc even matches. Which is quite clever, because apparantly they are a different colour each month.

We put the deposit down on Tuesday, and then that evening we (me and my mum) decided to head off to Cheltenham to visit her parents for a couple of days. Having ring them at 6 that evening we set off after having some tea and done a bit of packing, and got to their house around 10.30pm. That was quite late I guess, and it was later still when we finally got to bed,
and it meant we got a whole day with them on Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday we went out for a picnic and a drive around lots of pretty countryside, which was really lovely, and we all enjoyed it. I also had my first icecream of the year. Obviously I have already eaten icecream this year, but icecream of the in a little packet, eaten sitting on a bench in the sunshine variety, rather than icecream on top of rhubarb crumble (which is what I'm planning to eat a little later this evening).

On Thursday we went into town and had a mooch. That's such a great word. And after lunch back at their house Mummy and I had to head back home to London. Oh, I forgot, we also got to see my uncle who lives with my Grandma and Grandad, but also also we saw another uncle and aunt and three of their children when they popped in on Tuesday evening.

Then on Thursday evening we had a church social, well it was actually for two of our small groups rather than the whole church. It was at someone's house, and was lots of fun. Everyone brought some food and or drink, and we had a lovely evening munching and chatting, and being entertained by various small children running about, and later some not so small children attempting to play football in the garden in the dark, without hitting any of the smaller children. (That last sentence makes sense to me if no-one else!)

Today I drove up to GC to pick up my insurance documents, and then back to London to go with my mum to pick up my new car. Having got the tax disc all sorted this afternoon I made the most of the broadband and caught up on my blog reading (discovering as a result that a couple of people in my church here in London have just got engaged :-) [to each other, in case you were confused])

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