Friday, June 23, 2006

sleepy Debs

I'm in London for tonight and tomorrow and really really was gonna write something interesting on here (I've got this whole list of posts in my head, that might one day get written), but after catching up on loads of other blogs I got too sleepy to write anyting much. So instead I'm just gonna test your lung capacity by writing really long sentences, although chances are you won't be reading this out loud so that won't actually apply, and you've probably skipped to the next paragraph by now.

So, what I'm really trying to say is yes I'm alive and blogging, but that hopefully it might be more interesting tomorrow. Also, Kathleen did you spot the photo of me in my Kentwell costume? Cos I know you wanted to see it, but realsied that by putting another post up very soon afterwards it might have got lost down below the bottom of the screen! Hopefully I'll get some more photos taken to put on as well.

Oh, and the reason I came home to London?
Well, there are several, so you can latch onto whichever you feel most appropriate -
1. I forgot to take back the enamel mug I need to complete my costume for Kentwell, so came all this way just to get it.
2. Imogen is away till Saturday and I get lonely on my own in the house. It's just too quiet being stuck in a little village, especially at night, so I like to know there's someone else in the house. I grew up listening to police and fire-engine sirens going off, so how do you expect me to cope with the noise of the countryside (which is pretty much non-existant outside my bedroom, unless the cows have got out of their field and into the orchard behind the house. They did that once, or so my neighbours said, but I missed it cos I was too fast asleep - as I said I'm used to noise) Think I'd better stop going round in circles and get to reason 3.
3. I came to see my Mummy and Daddy, cos you know - I haven't seen them since last weekend, and I'd hate to let them get used to actually having the house to themselves for a change.

I'd say it's probably a mixture of all three. But now I'm off to bed, because, as you may have noticed, I'm just rabbitting on about nothing. And doing it in a very long way. Sorry about that. I won't take offense if you stopped reading halfway through, although you won't know that I won't cos you've already stopped reading...

Hmmm, so much for a short post... I'm gone.

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Kathleen said...

I saw it! I'm having some trouble with my email account showing me the pictures, and I couldn't even post about it because the word verification letters wouldn't show up either.
But tonight I tried a different browser and I finally saw your costume. I have to say it's quite marvelous. I'm impressed that Bekki made it! I can hardly sew straight lines without have to rip the stitches out.