Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my "mini" adventure (although I don't have a mini, it's a mirca, but same concept)

Micra and Debs drive along the road to the swimming pool.
Debs notices micra has no left headlight.
Debs drives to garage.
Garage does not do headlights, only tyres and stuff like that.
Debs drives to second garage.
Nice garage man fits new bulbs.
Micra and Debs drive home happy.
End of Micra adventure

Ok, so the way I tell it it's a bit longer than the "mini" adventures, but still pretty cool methinks. And saves me having to describe how dreadfully loud the kids were today, and that we had class photos and a staff photo as well. Oh...


elly said...

I amused me anyway

elly said...

I mean it

Debs said...

Is that cos you noticed your typo, or cos you meant that it really really amused you, and noone had better argue with that.?!

Kathleen said...

my goodness... you DO tend to have a few adventures with cars, huh?