Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11 months just flew by

Dear Jaiden,

You were 11 months old yesterday. You're almost a year old already, how that time had flown by!
Seems like just the other day you were a tiny baby, snuggled in my arms. Now the only times I get to snuggle you are when you're tired and cranky, want some of my food, or Sophie's having a cuddle and you want to get in on the action. Because it just wouldn't be fair for one of you to have a cuddle and not the other!

You love your sister and she loves you, sometimes too much (trying to pick you up, squeezing you too tight, or trying to tuck you in under a blanket and totally covering you up)! I love watching the two of you when you are playing together.

This morning Sophia woke up early because she was so excited to play with her tea set and 'make tea' for every one, or actually, to make tea for you (We'd had the tea set put away for a while and got it out again last night). She woke up at 5.30am and woke you up too! After you'd had your mummy milk you were desperate to get playing with her, and she wanted you too. I watched as you sat and chewed on some plastic fruit as she busied about pouring out tea for you. About the only thing she doesn't like to play with you is the train set, because you have a habit of picking up the tracks she's laid, so that you can suck and chew on them!

You're a very chatty boy, with very expressive 'oh's and 'oooh's. You have this really annoying squeak when you want something (you totally got that from Sophia, grrr!). And you also learnt to say 'MUM!' from Sophia. You say 'mum', 'dad-dad', 'hiya' and 'no'. You've probably got some more words than that, but those 4 are the clearest. You never took much to the sign for milk like mummy did, but I do see you using it sometimes when you want milk, or just want mummy. I've also tried to teach you the sign for please, and sometimes I think I see you use it. We'll have to work on that some more.

You have beautiful light brown curls and big brown eyes. It's funny because I wonder sometimes just how two children can look so similar and yet so different. Really, I think you look like me. I like it.

You have the most beautiful smile, and the fifth tooth (bottom, to the right of the front two) is doing its best to catch up with the 4 fully out. I think I might have just caught sight of tooth number 6 this morning (also on the bottom, but to the left) trying to make an appearance.

I'm so glad that I'm your mummy (even if I wish sometimes that you'd still call me mama and not MUM!)

love you,

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