Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Facebook status highlights from the last week (or illustrating just how random my life is sometimes)

We're hardcore. We go to the park when noone else is there and it's about to rain!

It's mitt? I thought it was mick. Is mitt even a name? Apart from oven mitts

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Mary mary like a jelly...

Just scored amazingly on reduced veg in morrisons. Haven't had a haul like that in ages

Doh-got too good at the reverse psychology thing-i've got a bowl of fruit i actually want to eat myself,but soph is insisting on helping me

This is definitely soup season. Just put pots of butternut squash & carrot soup (with cumin seeds) in the freezer. Watch out world, I'll be making more soon.

Re car insurance - I phoned my supplier and told them I was leaving them cos i had a quote that was over sixty quid cheaper, and they said they'd match that quote. In fact, they gave it to me for 30p cheaper than my best quote. Hurrah!

Sophia told me today that "i've got a baby growing in my belly like tilly". Just now she told me "i can't put my toys away cos the baby is coming."

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Kathleen said...

Ha ha! I always thought Mitt was short for Mitchel. But it's actually his middle name. His first name, apparently, is Willard.