Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas never comes easy in this household

There was the famous year that my Grandma forgot to buy onions, and had to send my Granddad and Uncle out on Christmas Eve to try to find some. There've been years when everyone comes down with some killer* bug or other. This year, it's the year of car trouble and illness.

I've been ill for a couple of days. Probably just a nasty cold, but it's still lingering. My Mum is now coming down with it too. HP may or may not follow in the next day or so. All this would be dealable with, I guess, but yesterday the oil light came on on my Mum's car, and didn't go out again.

The original plan involved HP and myself travelling to my Grandparents house today, and my parents following on tomorrow, but after ringing our garage and then the AA and then our garage again, the short version is that her car is not drivable, and needs to stay put over Christmas. So, I think, the plan is now that I will be driving my car to Grandma's today, along with HP, my Mum, and all the other stuff that we can possibly fit in it(!), and my Dad will follow tomorrow, on the coach. This could still all change, but that's how it stands for now. I better go and get on with packing then, I guess.

*killer may be a slight exaggeration


BeckyKay said...

But those are the things that make Christmas memorable!

Right As Rain Creations said...

I feel for you! Although if Christmas ever came and went without some minor or major catastrophe, I would know for sure it was the start of Armageddon!

Ladybuggz said...

One Christmas my dad, who will rarely admit he's sick, had the flu so bad he willingly stayed in bed. He only got up long enough to carve the turkey, handkerchief firmly tied over his mouth, then went back to bed. That was one sick daddy!

Elly said...

But how impressive that he got up to carve the turkey. It wouldn't be the same would it if someone else had to do it.
Update - I am sneezing and coughing nicely and we have arranged to hire a car from Saturday for a week so we can do the rest of our holiday journeys.
And you are right it those sorts of things that make Christmas memorable.