Friday, December 12, 2008

better blog now,

cos the weekend is gonna be busy busy busy.

Tomorrow I will be going to the church prayer meeting, going for breakfast with friends, carol singing with church people outside Tesco, driving home, taking the tube into London to meet with Boo, coming home again, getting ready to go to a church posh-ed up party (sneak peek of what I'll be wearing here), going to the party, helping clear up after the party, coming home and collapsing in a big heap.

On Sunday I'll be going to church, and then probably having lunch out with someone, somewhere, and pretty much will probably be out for the whole day.

On Monday I will collapse in a big big heap, and also look after the kiddos. The end. Or is it the beginning?

1 comment:

Mrs Wibbs said...

your life sounds great right now!! it's funny how it seems as though someone has just pressed the 'play' button again - don't you think?!? maybe that's just how it appears from the outside looking in, but since you and M got back together, it all fits, somehow... ;)
am i making sense???