Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tracy commented that it's not post something interesting every day, it's just post every day. I guess part of me doesn't want my readers to have to wade through pages of 'sorry, I have nothing interesting to say but I'm going to blog anyway'. After all, I write enough of those type posts as it is, even without managing to post every day.

I think the issue at the moment is finding the balance between baring my soul and having everything out there, and not telling you all anything at all. It's bad enough to figure that out when it's just you and your life that you're referring to, it becomes even trickier when you try to take other people's concerns into account. (Which is a very subtle hint about why I haven't been blogging much recently! Less subtle now that I've pointed it out to y'all)

Life is still plodding along, well in some ways it's galloping, and in others it's a snail's pace or going backwards (yep, that'd be referring to my weight loss, but I'm trying to turn that around!). Actually, you know I haven't done too badly with blogging this month. It's the 17th today, and this is my 16th post of the month, and some of those posts had real content!

Random extra thoughts added at the end, just for kicks:
Did I tell you I did finally buy some new shampoo?
I saw the fox again last night, so it hasn't died of poor health yet. It still doesn't look too good, though.


Tracy said...

I know what you mean about those kind of posts. And you don't have to do them if you don't want to! I didn't make myself very clear, I guess. and I'm not sure how to fix it now.

anyway, just wanted to say hi, I'm thinking of you.

Debs said...

yes, I know. Don't worry, i didn't take offence or anything!

Kathleen said...

Some days I get so frustrated with people I know read my blog... or I feel so ridiculously angry and frustrated that blogging makes me sound like a mad woman. So I understand "walking the line" of blogging. It helps to have a stash of good photographs. I never do.