Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I want to celebrate Thanksgiving too

Disclaimer: Although I vowed to write a post yesterday, I never promised to post it. The first two paragraphs of this post were written yesterday, but time restrictions and wanting to expand further meant that I saved it as a draft to work some more on it today.

This week all across America people will be celebrating Thankgiving. Native Americans, Pilgrim Fathers and all that jazz. Ok, so it didn't happen here, but why shouldn't we get to celebrate it anyway?

Although, having been in Texas in time for Thanksgiving last year, and seen the Christmas decorations go up in full force the day after, I'm actually quite glad that we don't have 'The holiday Season' quite as explicitly as they do in the States, and although there are Christmas lights up in Walthamstow market and places like that, it's likely to be a little while longer before they start appearing in/on/outside of people's houses around here.

Anyway, whether or not Thanksgiving is there as a marker to tell Americans when to put up their Christmas decorations, I would like to suggest that being thankful is certainly not a bad idea. I guess in this country schools and Church of England churches would often celebrate Harvest Festival, but since I'm not currently spending much time in either a school or a C of E church, I pretty much missed out on that this year. So instead I'm going to write my own Thankful Post. And since Thursday is Thanksgiving, and there is also the pre-existing bloggy idea of having 'Thankful Thursdays', I'm going to publish that post on Thursday. I invite you to join me, and write a quick post about what you're thankful for this year, where-ever you live.


missknits said...

I think its a great time of year for anyone and everyone no matter where you might live to remember the good things, the things you are thankful for! i kind of preposted some of mine last week already. Its always a nice way to kind of put our lives into perspective, isn't it.

fly tie said...

while i can't necessarily get down with the history of the thanksgiving holiday, i do agree that anytime's a good time for us all to show a lil gratitude. :-D

BeckyKay said...

Today, I'm thankful that we are NOT going anywhere on Thanksgiving Day. We're going to hide out at home, and I doubt dinner will be anything too exciting! We'll probably put up the Christmas tree! LOL!

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

Debs, we do have quite the Holiday Season over here, which lasts about... 3 months.. :)

Some people leave the 'christmas lights' up on their houses all year long, drives me insane.