Sunday, November 02, 2008

Somewhere around the 700 mark

The post counter says that this is my 707th post, however I know that it includes draft posts, and I have several of those sitting around, waiting to either be given a new lease of life and released on the world (like the post I threatened to write all about sex), or to be quietly deleted at some point in the future.

Therefore, I've decided it's time to celebrate this blog getting to 700 posts, whether we're almost there, or actually there, or maybe just over there.
So, happy 700th post.

For your reading pleasure, 7 random facts about me and my blog.

1. I am proud of myself because I have been in possession of a poppy (well, I'm actually on my second one, because I lost the first at Victoria on Friday) for almost a week, and the poppy is still attached to my coat. Which means that I haven't taken it off, removed the bits of paper and started chewing it yet. Yes, I disgusting habit, I know, but to be truthful, that's what's happened to most of the plastic poppies which I have ever owned.

2. I would rather eat fruit cake batter than fruit cake once it's cooked.

3. My blog gets around 50 hits a day. Many of these are through people googling the lyrics from a certain Bugsy Malone song.

4. I have no idea just how many people who know me in person read my blog. All I do know is an awful lot of people have mentioned that they do read it. I have solved the mystery of discovered who my stalker is, and I do know her in person. Hmm, I'm having trouble making this sound like a random fact about me and my blog, but it is a random fact, ok? (How about a de-lurk if you do read my blog, whether you know me in real life or not!)

5. I have almost finished the bottle of shampoo that I hate. This means that when we go grocery shopping tomorrow I need to make doubley sure that I buy some, and pick up shampoo rather than conditioner!

6. I sometimes forget how old I am. It was easy when I was 25 - that's 5 squared, after all. Now I'm 26 I just get confused. I keep thinking I'm 28. Seems like I'm trying to wish my life away!

7. I can't think of a seventh random thing about me (It's all random!) If you know me, how about sharing one about me in the comments...


goodkarma said...

you've never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, you weirdo.

love ya anyway.

Pig wot flies said...

I read your blog! But you know that, I think.

You are NOT 28 because if you were, I would be 31 and that would be wrong.

Elly said...

You like to twiddle your hair, at least you did, hence a nickname which I won't share in case you don't want me to (and I am trying not to be too embarassing)

Debs said...

Good one Elly. I've been called 'Curly' since I was little because I twiddle my hair!

Tracy said...

I wish that I did know you in real life, but alas, tis only through the world of the internet...

and to think you were but a state away from me when you were visiting the U.S.

I think you already know that I'm reading, but I don't comment often enough. Shall improve. That's a promise!

Debs said...

Tracy, I'll come visit you one day. That's a promise!

Kathleen said...

I read every day. Don't be frightened.

And I share your excitement about the shampoo, because I refuse to buy a new bottle even when I hate the stuff. I need to finish it off, first. And quite often I end up with two conditioners.

kim* said...

yay for you! :)

MichellesCharmWorld said...

what a fun blog! I'm 28 and just round it to 30. I don't like that whole confusion thing either!

Estie said...

I'm still lurking and also, like you am very confused about my age. Especially when my mum was telling me I was 27 the other day and I almost believed her.