Monday, November 03, 2008

It's been a busy few days...

On Thursday I met DebbieBoo and Justyna up London and we wandered around lots and saw some really cool stuff. This is Tower Bridge.On Friday I met my friend Sarah in London and we wandered around and had lunch together. In the afternoon/early evening I helped out at our church kids party (alternative to Halloween), and then dropped in to see all the folk who'd dressed up in posh frocks and stuff to go to see the premier of James Bond.

On Saturday evening I met up with a bunch of people and some of us had fun making our own fireworks (guess how I got this shot!) and generally mucking around and having lots of fun!


Brandon said...

Looks like fun


Casey said...

Great pics! My husband is from London (I'm American). We're living in North Carolina right now and planing on moving to London in Spring 2010. So, howdy, future neighbor! lol