Monday, March 24, 2008

Pain with a capital P

Last night I spent several hours being awake with the worse earache pain I've had in a very long time. I'd taken painkillers sometime after 11, but by 1 the pain had got bad enough to wake me up again, and from then until about 4.30am I lay in bed crying because of the pain, and doing a bit of talking\prayer requesting to my friends on the etsy forums and OWOA.

I took more paracetamol sometime around 3.30am (I didn't want to take it any sooner than that because I wasn't sure exactly when after 11 I'd taken the last lot). It wasn't until 4.30am that I'd got drowsy enough and the pain had subsided a little that I was able to get back to sleep.

I woke up around 9 this morning, and had to sponge my right eye in order to get rid of the gunk that was sticking it down. This morning my ear hasn't been hurting so much, but my hearing is really muffled and it feels like it needs to pop. It does pop every so often, but it doesn't seem to help the hearing, or it might come back for a few seconds and then goes muffled again.

Since it's a bank holiday I couldn't go to the doctors today, but we rang NHS direct, and they ask you some questions and then get a qualified nurse to ring you back. She asked me lots of questions, and doesn't think that I've got an ear infection, instead she suggests that it's probably deferred pain from my throat. (My mum says that when I was younger I used to complain of earache, and when they took me to the doctor they'd say I had a throat infection, so I guess nothing much had changed!)

The nurse told me the name of some stronger painkillers I can take, and we went and got those at the pharmacy at sainsburys this morning. All I can do now is stay warm and keep taking the pills. If I continue to be poorly I'll make an appoinment to see a doctor once they're open again.

In other news, it keeps snowing here, but it's pretty wet snow, and it's not settling, just melting straight away.


bigfatact said...

Ah, poor Debs :-(
Ears, throats, all the same thing really!!
I know what bad earache is like, and I know I don't want to feel it again for a very very long time.
Get well soon.

bfc said...

Ok, so I can't spell.
This way's easier, don't know what I was thinking, that last comment must be an imposter, oh, so it wasn't me misthinking or misspelling after all, glad I've cleared that up.

Debs said...

I think it should be your new stage name actually.

HP said...

Does that mean he already has an old stage name? I'm intrigued

Kathleen said...

Ear pain is the worst. I had a massive ear infection when I was eleven and I still have "ghost pains" from it. Especially when my throat is sore. For some reason it's worse at night. I hope you are feeling better soon. Just sleep as much as you can, drink as much water as you can, and sometimes bad TV helps, too.

bfc said...

It's a secret Han. Maybe one day when you're old enough, I'll tell you all about it....

Mrs Wibbs said...

You poor poor thing!! :( You sound so poorly, I wish I could bring you soup or something, but I'm a bit too far for that... Be praying for ya tho'
Heaps of love and hugs xxx
ps have you seen my latest mad piccie of Tom??

Mrs Wibbs said...

Oh. And you changed my blog name!!! Let's celebrate!! Got any bubbly??