Tuesday, March 18, 2008

'Allo Chickens

I'm looking after Little One and Little Flower again now that their Mum's gone back to work two days a week. Today we went to the farm in Leyton (same place I went several times last spring and summer). They both had a whale of a time...

We spent a lot of time by the 'chickens' (yes, I know that they're actually hens, and chicken is the meat we eat, but try explaining that to someone who's not yet three).
Little one loves saying " 'Allo Chickens".
Although she doesn't look incredibly excited here, she was actually
laughing and giggling most of the time.
We followed these two rogue ducks geese turkeys birds around for a while.
Little one kept watch over them from a safe vantage point (behind the buggy)
There were cute little lambs
And piglets too.HP (my sister)came with usIt was very cold, so we were all thankful to get back in the car.
When we got back to my house we played with the duplo animals.I couldn't find the farm set, so it was actually the circus animals, but who's to say you wouldn't find an elephant on the farm. After all, we saw a hippo and a giant frog while we were at the farm.
(The trash cans were in the shapes of animals!)
(Oh my, I just typed trash cans. What has happened to my vocabulary lately? And I was teaching Little one to say 'good job')


Right As Rain Creations said...

Trying to remember what you Brits call trash cans . . . rubbish bins? Dustbin? We just call it the garbage around here.

Debs said...

Litter bin. Rubbish bin. Something other than 'trash!'

Actually, I think I completely forgot the word 'litter' while I was in Texas. As I walked up the tunnel off the plane at Gatwick I saw a bin with the word 'litter' on the lid and thought "oh yeah, that's what we call it over here"!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Yeah, I noticed your 'trash cans'...: traitor!!! You meant 'bins' - SURELY???
Anyway looks like a nice day out :)
(if a little cold)

Barney said...


Pig wot flies said...

piggy piggy piglets!

Pig wot flies said...

Can you believe I haven't actually seen Little Flower sinc she was about 4 days old? She looks so big!