Friday, March 14, 2008

Flowers in the window

This is the Amaryllis which was originally meant to be given to HP as a Christmas present back in 2006. My Mum found it about a month later, stuck in the bottom of her wardrobe (it was one of the ones that you start growing from a bulb, you see lot of them around at Christmas time).
It has started to grow in the box, in the dark, in the bottom of the wardrobe (must have been pretty determined!) but had obviously met with some resistance from the box. We got it out and set it on the windowsill, and it did do a fair amount of growing, but we never saw any flowers.

This year, we didn't force it back into a box, but instead allowed it to sit in the light and grow as it wished, and boy did it grow! I kept meaning to take pictures as it was growing, but it just went too quick! I finally remembered yesterday to capture a few shots of it in it's flowering glory. I think there are more flowers yet to come, so perhaps I will manage to take some more pictures, but in case I don't, here it is as it looked yesterday.


Kathleen said...

That's amazing! It grew in a dark box!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Wow... It's beautiful!!
(Still waiting to see some piccies btw)

Debs said...

Mrs Wibbs,
I will write about my day with you, but I wanted to give more time to write that post than I had this morning!
And I will also change the link in my blogroll. Just let me get my busy weekend out of the way!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Feel suitably chastised... :o(
Sorry for hastling you

Will that do??

Enjoy your busy week end but don't overdo-it