Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm still alive, just very busy

Hello, just a quick post to say hi, and then I'll be back properly probably on Friday. Chrsitmas day went pretty much as I had imagined. We also watched the Queen's annual Christmas broadcast at 3pm.
I'd meant to post a couple of verses from the book of Isaiah (in the bible) on Christmas day, but time escpaed me. Maybe I'll do that at some point.

Yesterday was the invasion of my uncle and his family (an extra 9 people in total to fit into the already crowded house). It was lots of fun, and pictures will follow in due course. I'd also woken up with a snuffly nose and sore throat and glands. I'm still not feeling great, so I'm just taking life gently!

Today we did a bit of shopping - hitting the sales and managing to try on many many pairs of trousers without any of them fitting me (for one reason or another). I did however find a skirt that I like and a top, so I have got something to wear.

Tomorrow we are leaving my Mum's parents house and driving to my Dad's parents house to go and have Christmas with them. My Dad's Mum is very frail so we won't stay over (we didn't want to give them the extra work of having to sort out beds for five people, just for the sake of one night) but we'll drive back to London tomorrow, probably getting bad fairly late.

And then on Friday hopefully I'll go shopping, or at least in search of some trousers, and get some of my photos loaded onto the computer and onto this blog.
I'll see you Friday :-)

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, I dislike shopping a great deal. Especially when I need pants. They never fit me. When they fit around my waist they are at least a foot too long for my legs. Where are all the tall, skinny women these items are made for, I wonder?
Feel much metter soon!