Sunday, December 03, 2006

I just made this, and then this

It's a mat\coaster thing (I found it here)
The main purpose of this post is to show HP what they looks like :-)
And below is the second, smaller version. They're by no means as perfect as the ones I saw originally, but still cute. I'll work on it, maybe...
(Oh, and I know a beaker isn't really the sort of drink you'd put on a coaster, but I don't drink tea or coffee, and it happened to be nearby when I took the photos!)


HP said...

yay very cool clever bunny
thanks muchly for ashowing me
love you
cant wait to see you

Kathleen said...

So cute! I bet I could make those!

Of course, I have coasters and I never use the ones I have, even though I drink both tea and coffee and have more rings on my tables than... non rings.

Anonymous said...

I love these!

lady laura said...

I think they look great, Debs. Handmade things are very rarely "perfect" in the makers eyes, even when no one else can see anything amiss.

I think I like the bottom one best.