Friday, November 17, 2006

Hp's coming home, she's coming home, she's coming

I'm currently out babysitting four delightful children (two of whom are still not asleep - I think they've been talking to each other and keeping themselves awake). When I get home, or soon after (depending which train they did get in the end - the one they were planning to get was cancelled) HP and her boyfriend Steve will be home from university for the weekend. Sorry, that sentence got long.

One of our cousins who lives in Reading is getting baptised (the full dunking type of baptism) on Sunday and we are all going to be there with her. We'll also be celebrating various birthdays, a wedding anniversary and an engagement - well if you're going to get together you might as well celebrate it all, after all we don't all get together that often!

I'm looking forward to seeing HP - it seems like ages since we last saw her.
Hurrah for HP :-)
BTW Apologies for any major typos, I did try to correct them as I went along, but the eczema on my fingers is really sore so typing is a bit trickier than normal. I saw the doctor today and got some stronger steriod cream for them, that also contains an antibiotic, so hopefully that will do the trick.

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