Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I don't really feel that I've put anything proper on here for a while. So tonight I was determined to actually write something, and not just fob my readers (if I have any) off with another picture, even if it is something like a purple pepper!

Hmmm, life seems very busy at the moment, and has the prospect of becomming even more so. I'm not sure why, I'm just convinced it will.

I've added a couple of new links to my side bar so maybe I ought to say a bit more about them. 'The King and I' in a fairly new blog and belongs to the lovely Angela who goes to my church. Go over and say hello to her, and it might even encourage her to blog a bit more often (the words pot and kettle come to mind, but hey!)

The other site is One Weigh or Another. It's basically a group of ladies (none of whom I have ever met, but whose blogs I read) who are blogging together and encouraging each other in their weight loss journeys. I commented my way to becomming a member (meaning I commented so much and joined in the weekly weigh-ins and stuff and after a while they invited me to become a memeber), and now I can post on that site too. I was sure whether or not to link to OWOA from this blog as it's a kind of personal thing, but decided to go for it as several people that read my blog already know about it anyway.

Other stuff in my life - pretty much work, work, work at the moment. I'm facing a few issues in the school I work in. I don't want to be more specific than that, but would value prayers for me to work through those, and in making decisions about whether I do change to 5 days a week at school after Christmas and stuff like that.
The other other thing I've been doing is still slowly slowly selling books and a few other bits and bobs on amazon and e-bay. And I would recommend amazon marketplace as a fairly easy way to make a bit of money and get rid of unwanted books (and jiffy bags ;-) )

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The King and I said...

Hey Debs. Thanks for the links. I saw your comment last night.... thanks. I tried to blog at home last night, but the lptop I was using kept crashing. will try later again and hope for the best. Thanks for the encouragement. Will be posting soon. Love the peppers by the way. Hope school ok :) TTFN x