Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good Morning, Good Morning, you've slept the whole night through.

Well I did (see title), but it's still dark so it doesn't quite feel like morning yet. And I just left a comment over on One Weigh or Another and that showed up as before midnight, so some of them may not even have gone to bed yet.

However, I have got this song in my head, and it seemed only fair that I should share it with you all, so that you too could go round singing 'Good morning, good morning..'

Back with more later (maybe!)


Dave Routledge said...

Is this a song you have composed yourself?..........perhaps you set your readers the task of completing the lyrics.

God bless

Debs said...

No, it was a play on the words in the song from Singing in the Rain which has the line "we've talked the whole night through" See http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/singinintherain/goodmorning.htm for all the lyrics to that song.
However, anyone wanting to continue my version would be most welcome to :-)