Thursday, October 02, 2014

October second

Right now we are going through a terrible twos tantrum stage with JJ. He'll be three in December, so I hope they finish soon.

But the big thing around here this coming week is that my baby is going to be five. That teeny tiny baby grew and grew and grew and grew some more (seriously! She's in age 7-8 clothes, and many of her clothes are 9-10!).

My Sophia Louise is turning five on Tuesday. Wherever did that time go?! She started in proper school (rather than nursery or preschool) this September, she's learning to read! (still at learning sounds stage, but she's getting better and better), she loves books, playing schools, and a whole big bunch of imaginary play.

Over the years she's had an imaginary friend called Sophie (as confusing as you might expect it to be), she's had imaginary dogs, including one called pink dog, who was, you've guessed it, pink.
There's been Ollie, and he's still around. In fact the other day, Sophie's imaginary friend Ollie went to preschool with Jaiden. How's that for confusing?!  I love my Sophia and her imagination, although sometimes I wish she would stay in the real world a little more often when I'm asking her to put her shoes on or get dressed for school.

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