Wednesday, October 08, 2014

About October seventh

It was Sophia's birthday yesterday and then we had our first life group at our house which Menard and I are helping to lead. So it was a bit busy to post.

I did take photos from the day, but my iPad doesn't like talking to blogger, so it will have to wait until I can get on a computer.

Highlights of the day:
Sophia declaring it was the worsest birthday ever after being told off for hurting her brother a nd then daddy told her she had to put her shoes on to go to school (she really loves school, she just didn't want to stop playing with her presents!)

The hello kitty cake toppers I ordered late on Thursday, arriving on Saturday, meaning I could use them to put on top of cupcakes, which a) was like what Topsy and Tim had for their birthday, and b) softened the blow that the big hello kitty cake is being made for her party (so there are lots of people to eat it) and not for her birthday day.

Soph declaring it was the bestest birthday ever, after playing  with her hello kitty toy kitchen, play tent, and hoopla hoop all at once, and eating her hello kitty cupcakes!

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