Friday, October 10, 2014

Freezer survey

I've just done my freezer survey, I have a lot of pork. It's portioned up. If I'm cooking I'd probably use one. M usually uses two of the marinated ones

M curry for work o o o
Meatballs o
Fancy sausage pack of six o
Stock O o o (that means one big and two small pots)
Bolognaise tiny pot, and rice, tiny pot. Clearly needs to be a lunch one day!
Lasagne o
Soup o o o o o
Pastry o o
Quorn chorizo o o (not really sure what to do with this, maybe on a tart made with some of the pastry!)
chicken tikka masala o
Beef mince o o
Stewing beef o o
Turkey mince o o o o
Marinated pork portions o o o o o o o o o o
Chicken portions (boneless thighs mostly) o o o
Pork ribs o
Pork ( joint or chops) o o o o o o o
Chicken (whole) o
Wraps (forgot to count)
Sausages pack of twenty o o
Puréed veg sauce (for use with mince to make lasagne etc) o o o o o
Quorn 'mince' o
Quorn 'chicken' o
Mixed frozen veg o
Peppered slice (m will prob take to work) o
Curry sauce??? O
Fish fingers pack of ten o o
Pot of cooked chicken o
Daal o
Mashed bananas o
Ice cream
Ice pops

And there you have it, the delights of my freezer! ( well, freezer and freezer shelf in fridge)
Coming soon. Contents of my cupboards!

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