Saturday, June 09, 2012

Yum yum, hm, maybe?

JJ started eating real food on Thursday. It was sweet potato. His face was a picture. (I did take photos, but didn't manage to capture that particular expression. Also, the photos are still on the camera, so I will upload them later).

He's had it twice now. He had 6 or 8 spoonfuls the first time, and the second he had 1 1/2 ice cubes worth, I'd say (I cook it up, freeze in ice cube trays and trasfer into a bag once they're frozen. That makes small portions easy, and once he's eating more it makes it easy to mix flavours, taking a cube or two from a couple of bags).

His general opinion seems to be that he's not totally sure of this sweet potato thing, but he'll keep trying this eating thing cos it might get better!
I've not cooked anything else yet, but we have some bananas, so I might try some of that today, or might stick with the sweet potato. With Sophia I gave each food 3 days before I introduced a new one, but I was wondering about doing 2 days this time around. With Sophia I recorded it on the calendar so that I'd remember. I don't currently have one for this year, so... anyone know where I can buy a calender in july?!  A diary might do instead!


Elly said...

opos I threw a diary out today. shall I rescue it from the recycling bin then?

Debs said...

ooh, yes please! This year?