Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sadness and Confusion. It's hard being two

We've spent a few days this week with Debbie, who flew in from Texas on Tuesday. She's been staying at my parents house, but my mum's had a very buy week, so although we were over there 3 times, we only saw my dad once, and my mum not at all.

The first two times we arrived at my mum's Sophie said "where's nana?", I told her nama was at work and she looked sad and said "poor nana". The third time it happened she didn't even comment, just shook her head sadly.

We dropped Debbie off at the station on Friday and all the way home Soph was asking about the train, and where it was and where it was going, and she kept talking about "the other mummy". She obviously remembered that Debbie and I shared a name, but she'd forgotten which name it was!

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Pigwotflies said...

Poor Soph!