Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello, oh blog of mine

See, I knew that my blogging streak wouldn't last, but did you enjoy it while it did?

Today I'm at my parents' house. My wonderful daddy looked after Sophia while I got my hair cut. I also looked for some new clothes, but only managed to buy some underwear, but that was needed, so it's all good.

Ok, Sophia's trying to help me type, so I shall leave you with this... a rare photo of Sophia with a hat on (note my arm putting the hat on, and Sophia's hat about to pull it off again!)


Pig wot flies said...

I note also the book called "Sun Hat Fun". Where you trying to educate her? :)

Haircut picture please!

Elly said...

I bought to add to my collection rather than for Sophia but we did look at it together